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5510 Social Security and Health Security Law Consultansy and Training Services include headlines and topics below

5510 Social Security and Health Security Law

First Part

  • Aim, Contents and Descriptions
  • Aim,
  • Content
  • Description

 Second Part

  • Social Security Regulations

First Unit

  • Social Insurant regulations
  • Covered by an insurance policy
  • Uncovered by an insurance policy
  • Insurance policy validity
  • Social Insurant report and registration
  • Insurance policy expire
  • Sigortalıların işleri nedeniyle geçici olarak yurt dışında bulunmaları

Second Unit

  • Work place and Employer rules
  • Work place, employer, transfer, transition and alienation
  • Employer, vice principal, temporary employment relationship employer and sub-employer

Third Unit

  • Labour contract or Self employed Social Insurants Short term Social Insurants rules
  • Work accident description report and interagation
  • Occupational illness description, report and interagation
  • Illness and maternity rights
  • Work accident, occupational illness, illness and maternity social Insurante rights
  • Subsidy and basic salary  daily earnings
  • Benefit for temporary incapacity
  • Long term disability  subsidy right conditions, calculation of the subsidy, register and multiple work Accidents occupational illness conditions
  • Rights-holder payments, Marriege and funeral subsidies
  • Work accident and occupational illness and depending on illness third parties responsibilities
  • Social Insurants self-caused  illness treatment extends, incapacity to work perioud extends
  • Unreported terms of Social Insurants and responsibilities
  • Short term policy important terms

Forth Unit

  • Short term Social Insurants rules
  • Disabled Rights
  • Social Insurants Disabled Rights and conditions
  • Disabled Salary calculations, Reports, cancelations and re-issue
  • Retirement annuity rights and conditions
  • Retirement annuity payment calculations
  • Retirement annuity payment begining, cancelation Social Insurance prime supported payments
  • Retirement annuity  whole payment and  recovering
  • Insurance against death rights and conditions
  • Insurance against death payment calculations
  • Insurance against death payment share among right-holders
  • Right-holders begining of payment, cancelations and re-issue
  • Insurance against death whole payment and  recovering
  • Marriege and funeral subsidies
  • Long term insurance brances and period of insurance
  • Long term insurance brances third parties responsibilities
  • Actual service period increase
  • Social Insurants debt terms

Fifth Unit

  • Public officer application rules
  • Prime Minister, Turkish Grand National Assembly, government house, Ministry and Turkish Grand National Assembly members salary and calculations
  • Retirement annuity payment for public officers
  • Dismissed according to Law, convicted and signed off insurances and bonuses
  • Public officer  bonus calculations  and highest limits.
  • Invalidity of official
  • Adaptation of social insurance duration-period and subsidy calculations

Sixth Unit

  • Voluntary insurance terms
  • Voluntary insurance conditions
  • Voluntary insurance terms report and cancelation
  • Voluntary insurance terms bonus and payments

Seventh Unit

  • Short and  long-term insurance Branches
  • General rules
  • Insurance combinations
  • Monthly Salary combinations
  • Income and Salary, increase, low limits, payment and  inspection
  • Income and Salary

Third Part

  • General Helth Insurance Terms and Conditions

First Unit

  • People in scope and registration
  • General Helth Insurance Right-holders
  • General Helth Insurance begining, report and registration
  • Helth services and other righs and their benefits

Second Unit

  • Provided Helth Services and other rights

Third Unit

  • Helth service benefits conditions and shares

Forth Unit

  • Financial and other regulations

Forth Part

  • Bonus regulations

First Unit

  • Bonus Receiving Bonus major income , Bonus Persantage and minimum  wages

Second Unit

  • Bonus setting and bonus payment

Fifth Part

  • General regulations and other regulations

First Unit

  • Common Regulations
  • Insurance obligation, Cancelation and social security registration number

Second Unit

  • İfferent Regulations
  • Social security modifications and reporting

Sixth Part

  • Administration Penalties and dissmisal regulations

Seventh Part

  • Repeal, change, cancelation and other regulations

First unit

  • Changed and repealed
  • Regulations

Second Unit

  • Temporary and latest Regulations
  • Disable  retirement and  death insurances related regulations
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