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Labour law Consultancy

In terms of Law no 4857 herewith listed topics below are included in the Consultancy Service


  • General Rules
  • Aim and Content
  • Definitions
  • Employer Announcement
  • Exceptions
  • Equal rights Principal
  • Workplace Take over
  • Temporary responsibilities


  • Work Agreement, Types and Cancelation
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Types and defining job responsibilities
  • Temporary  and Permanent work agreements
  • Definite and Non-definite work agreements
  • Definite and Non-definite work agreements differences and content
  • Fixed Term contract and Non-Fixed Term Contract
  • Work upon Call
  • Try-Out work contract
  • Collective contracts
  • Term and Termination
  • Termination causes
  • Contract Termination conditions
  • Notification of termintaion, Objection and conditions
  • Invalid terms of termination of the contract and conditions
  • Changing of working conditions and contract termination conditions
  • New employers responsibilities
  • Employee rights for contract termination.
  • Employee rights for direct contract termination.
  • direct contract termination use.
  • New job search leave with pay
  • Work license
  • Collective resign
  • Disable, veteran and victim of terror employment obligation
  • After army employment


  • Salary
  • Salary and Salary payment conditions
  • Employer salary paying Incompetence.
  • Salary paying on time
  • Salary cuts
  • Authorities and Employer rights for Salary cuts
  • Salary calculation
  • Salary cut as punishment
  • Minimum Salary
  • Half Salary
  • Overtime working conditions
  • Obligatory-Involuntary overtime
  • Forcemajor involuntary overtime
  • National holidays working conditions
  • Hidden rights
  • week-end wage
  • vacation-pay
  • temporary incapacity
  • vacation-pay acconding to job description
  • vacation-pay unpublished rules
  • Commission Payment
  • Commission recordings
  • Annual Vacation and Duration
  • Annual Vacation rights and use
  • Annual Vacation use
  • Annual Vacation permission
  • Annual Vacation wage
  • Annual Vacation work prohibition
  • Annual Vacation End and Paying Terms
  • Vacation regulations
  • Insurance Bonus
  • Salary reduce invalidation


  • Job regulations
  • Working hours
  • Make up working hours
  • short-time working and paying conditions
  • Conditions counted as working hours.
  • Daily working hours start and end
  • Breaks
  • Night shift and night working conditions
  • Job preparations and cleaning
  • Employment restrictions and prohibition rules
  • Employment under the water and under the earth surface
  • Night shift restriction
  • Maternity permission and breastfeeding break
  • Employee personnel file
  • Regulations


  • occupational health and safety
  • Employer and Employee duties
  • Heath and Safety duties
  • Workplace bankruptcy and stop of work
  • occupational health and safety board
  • Doctor
  • occupational health and safety officer
  • Employee rights
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse prohibition
  • Dangerous and hard working conditions
  • Dangerous and hard working reports
  • Under 18 years old reports
  • Maternity permission and breastfeeding regulations
  • Different regulations


  • Employment service
  • Employment service agencies


  • Working audit and inspection
  • Governmental influence
  • Authorities and ranks
  • Authorities civic duty
  • Dispensation
  • Competent authority inspections
  • Employer and employee responsibilities
  • Municipal police support


  • Administrative penalty regulations
  • Registration of a workplace regulations violations
  • violations  of a general rules
  • collective redundancy and violations
  • Disable people and ex-employee employment violations
  • Salary and payment violations
  • Annual vacation regulation violations
  • Work organization violations
  • occupational health and safety regulation violations
  • Employer and employment search regulation violations
  • Working audit and inspection regulation violations
  • Administrative penalty regulations usage and terms


  • Different valid regulations
  • Written notification
  • Residential service workers working conditions
  • Industrial, Commerce Agriculture and Forest workplaces
  • Some Civil organizations and Employment  severance pay
  • Some workplace Employee payment guarantee
  • advisory committee
  • Opening a cafeteria
  • Regulations
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